Fast Start eCompressor

StartIQ™ is the newly developed fast-start electric compressor (eCompressor), powered by our TorqIQ® technology.
Fitting StartIQ™ to internal combustion engines burning natural gas (and Hydrogen in the future) delivers dynamic response as good as today’s diesels, enabling data centre, fast response grid balancing, island mode, emergency standby and microgram applications to be fulfilled with lower carbon footprint.
Greenhouse gas and polluting emissions reductions when different fuels are enabled by StartIQ™:

StartIQ™ core components fit with minimal invasiveness to ICE’s ranging from ~0.5 to 4MW with a single mechanical connection to the intake or exhaust manifold.

StartIQ™ systems are already being deployed to deliver benefits to the UK National Grid and its consumers, providing greater flexibility and resilience as renewables increasingly go online.

Proven benefits of StartIQ™ fitted to existing 2MW lean burn natural gas engines:

  • 10 seconds from breaker close to 100% load
  • No impact on engine steady-state
    performance or mechanical durability
  • 90% reduction on every start
    - CO2 emission
    - Fuel consumption
    - NOx emission